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If you want to visit several places outside the country, you need a passport. Your family members have been wanting to visit wonderful tourist spots around the world. You can only do that if you all have your respective passports made available. If you are yet to get all your passports, you need a reliable provider that will tell you all the requirements. If you have heard of Cliff’s Passport Service, you better visit its official website. When you do that, you will surely know what you need to prepare before going to the foreign affairs office.

If you stay somewhere in Greater Houston, you must contact them immediately. What you can appreciate about them is that they can provide door-to-door delivery of passports. Since you have minors to travel with you, the company assures that its personnel can also expedite their passports. If you browse the website, you will be able to find the list of requirements immediately. Adults are identified from age 16 and above. However, applicants who are aged 16-17 still need to be accompanied by a parent. The parent shall stand side by side with the applicant during the initial sealing process. You will be excited to find your son or daughter getting a passport that will be available for him in a matter of 10 years.

What you must do is list the requirements once you have identified them. You need to get 1 state application form. You must type the information online. After typing, you also must print it. The office will not receive any hand-filled applications. Aside from the state application form, you also must show proof of citizenship. It can be in a form of a certified United states Birth Certificate, expired passport, or original naturalization certificate.

You must also secure one passport photo. The photo should have a white background and a size of 2 X 2. You must make sure that the photo is recent, meaning it is taken within the past 6 months. If you do not belong to a certain religious denomination, you better not wear a hat or scarf while being photographed. You must present 1 letter of authorization. You need to supply important information in the authorization because you are allowing your child to travel. You must include the name of the traveler and the phone number as well.

You must also show proof of identity. If you have a valid driver’s license, it will be enough. Proof of departure must also be shown. If you have a cruise confirmation, hotel reservation, or e-ticket, you can surely get the passport. If you want to be aware of state fees, you must see the postal visit checklist. The requirements mentioned above are said to be the same requirements when getting a passport for minors. The parent must get a statement of consent form especially if the minor is going to travel outside the country. You must call the service provider once the office refuses to receive your documents in a sealed envelope.

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